Our unique approach: business-focused product development

A product development house

Oxyma is a consultancy firm ready to serve as your very own product development house; a development division with the desire, resources, and knowledge to develop series-produced products that boost your bottom line. Applying a business-oriented approach to product development has been our lodestar since we began back in 2004. This unique approach makes us pioneers and innovators in our industry. At the same time, it also places heavy demands on our ability always to move with the times and to extend the boundaries of what is considered possible from an innovation standpoint. We continue to do this by linking engineering with business benefits in new and unexpected ways.

We make seizing every opportunity our challenge

We are independently owned and operated; no external owners influence the way we work. Partnership, involvement, and our vision to become Sweden’s leading product development house—that is, the preferred partner for companies who want to be more successful and make the world function more smoothly—equip us to embrace the future. We welcome you to join us on our journey forward as an Oxyma client.