Our history

A research report published in the early 2000s showed that only three of every ten development projects resulted in profitable products for the companies that initiated them. The report’s findings inspired Johan Norelius to start investigating this failure, determined to understand why so few projects become profitable.

It wasn’t because the products didn’t work or weren’t innovative enough. In fact, the reality was almost the opposite. A focus on technology and the pursuit of a perfect technical solution often caused business opportunities to evaporate. The products might have been amazing from a technical standpoint, but they had poor margins, targeted the wrong group, sold too poorly or, for some other reason, failed to achieve the success that company management had hoped for. Why?

In almost every case, the problem lay in the way the projects were carried out; that is, in how they were initiated, the conditions set, and how clearly the ultimate objective was defined. The idea for Oxyma Innovation grew out of this insight and the company took on its first assignment in 2004.

Today, Oxyma is a product development house that offers much more than just creative and technologically advanced solutions. At Oxyma Innovation, we always keep the big picture in focus and develop products that not only deliver, but that capitalize on business opportunities. 

Since our founding in 2004, we have carried out and participated in hundreds of successful projects that have resulted in innovative solutions and profitable products.

Our services offering