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There’s something special about working for a company that’s growing strongly. It’s Oxyma’s forward momentum that drives us and defines our culture. Would you like to join us on our journey forward? Become a co-creator of the product development house of the future and expand your skills and expertise?

Help create the product development house of the future

At Oxyma Innovation, we like to think of ourselves as “solutionists.” This means that all our employees are first-class problem solvers. This is true whether they’re mechanical design engineers, project managers, or have another role to play.

What’s more, all Oxyma employees help build our production development house; a company that takes pride in breaking the boundaries of what is considered possible from technical and innovation standpoints. Our efforts to identify problems go deeper and we build close relationships with our clients that go beyond a regular client-supplier relationship so we can successfully transform ideas into profitable products.

Oxyma activates and develops your inner drive

Because our jobs are an important part of our lives, Oxyma offers its employees enriching, challenging work that helps each individual grow in their role as a professional problem solver. We do this by handpicking assignments to suit you and by offering you a broad range of tasks and plenty of room for your unique ideas and personality to play their part.

The deep sense of purpose that our employees feel in their work is also due to our company culture, which is warm, supportive, and family-like. It’s also linked to working with a group of exceptionally qualified colleagues who listen, inspire, and who are happy to share their knowledge and ideas.

So! Do you want a job that is more than just work and to help build a production development house that has the desire and ambition to work at the cutting edge of development?

What we expect from our solutionists

We’re looking for problem solvers with a hint of creativity and the qualities needed to help build the product development house of tomorrow. You should be a genuine, dedicated “solutionist” who is eager to listen to others, has a high EQ, and has the social skills needed to build strong relationships with colleagues and clients. It’s also important that you view constructive criticism as an opportunity to develop new ideas. You’re also happy to share your knowledge and to be free and open about who you are. As a person, you’re also positive, responsible, inspire confidence in others, and have a whole lot of heart!


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