We don’t care how good we are

Oxyma’s solutionists don’t care about how good they are now, only about how good they can become. As you set out on the exciting journey towards your goals, we help you develop by providing you with a broad spectrum of assignments and professional challenges. At the same time, you help us develop through your knowledge and creativity. In this way, together we can raise the bar for what is considered possible within the field of product development.

Major opportunity to learn from others

Knowledge doesn’t stay fresh forever. You need to keep adding more of the right sort to keep up with the game. Apart from the major opportunity we provide for you to learn from your colleagues, we also offer access to development programs, advanced courses, and professional networks. Our aim is for Oxyma to have the most driven and passionate solutionists in every position. Naturally, we also invest heavily in developing our managers, so that they can satisfy the expectations of employees like you who are looking for something more.

Climbing the ladder at Oxyma

It goes without saying that solutionists who produce extraordinary results need managers who support, coach, and bring out the best in each individual. That’s why we invest heavily in our managers. Employees who are promoted to managerial positions are offered training at different levels so they can sharpen their skills as team leaders and strategists.

Fuel for your career                       

Professional development talks held between you and your manager focus on the big picture—that is, on exactly what kind of “fuel” you as an individual need to develop. This might be specific training courses, mentoring, or other support to help you move forward.

Dig deeper

A career doesn’t have to follow a ladder-like progression. Advancing in your career might mean digging deeper as a specialist in an area that appeals to you. Oxyma offers its employees this kind of career opportunity, too. If you choose to become a specialist, we offer you the chance to take courses that will help you deepen your knowledge and specialize in your chosen field.