The people behind Oxyma

Our company reflects who we are and the sum of our knowledge. That’s why we’ve chosen to bring together a unique mix of different personalities; people who have the desire and the know-how to achieve extraordinary results within the field of product development. Together, we’re creating a big-hearted, family-like, and inspiring culture that helps each and every one of us to be that little bit better. Below are a couple of quotes from employees that summarize our experience of Oxyma as a workplace, what drives us, and what qualities we believe a solutionist should have.

“There are a couple things about working here that inspire me: I like being given a large amount of personal responsibility, room to develop my own ideas, and the opportunity to draw and design such a wide range of diverse products. I also like the fact that we have a really good and unpretentious atmosphere.

To succeed in my position, I think you need to be inquisitive, energetic, analytical, and thorough.”

David Skantze
Product Developer

“Oxyma is an exciting company with a bunch of interesting clients and a dedicated management team. I like the open and positive atmosphere here. I get inspired when I come to the office or meet up with my colleagues at our monthly meetings. They’re lively, inquisitive, and like new technology, and it’s never a problem to ask them for advice or support. This open attitude also means that knowledge is freely shared among us consultants. I just think that, together, we create a constructive climate that’s good for everybody’s growth.

I have a lot of personal responsibility in my position. I also face new challenges every time I start a new assignment.

To do well in my position, I think you need to be inquisitive, dedicated, and enjoy working with different types of people.”

Agnes Lundström
Mechanical design engineer

“As someone who is interested in technology, I feel that Oxyma is just the right size. The company handles exciting and challenging projects and often works at the cutting edge of technological development. It’s comfortable size means I know all my colleagues and where the company’s headed. We also have a good atmosphere and work climate that allows for cooperation right across the breadth of our organization. This contributes to strong sense of unity and enjoyment at work and makes me feel comfortable enough to bounce ideas off others and to ask for help when I need it. Oxyma also works hard to make sure that all consultants, including those stationed out in the field with clients, meet regularly so we can share our experiences and develop together.

As a senior project manager at Oxyma, I’m motivated by the opportunity I have to work with different types of projects and to meet new customers with a constant stream of new challenges. It offers a great opportunity to learn, and I find I’m developing all the time, both professionally and personally. I also need to be flexible to be able to orient myself quickly in each project and help our clients in the best way. It’s equally important to be professional so I can successfully drive projects towards set goals and also develop and build good relationships with our customers on which to base future work. Another key trait that helps us succeed in our assignments is being quality-conscious and delivering the right solution within the specified budget and time frame.”

Jörgen Larsson
Senior Project Manager