Oxyma Helps Design a Whole New Energy System for Homes


Fueltech Sweden is a leading supplier of fuel tanks to the automotive industry. A decline in the auto market led company management to adopt a new product strategy, however, and to enter new markets. Oxyma Innovation was hired to design its new product. The result was a whole new energy system designed for efficient energy management in self-contained homes and apartment buildings.


Oxyma Helps Design a Whole New Energy System for Homes

Homes have different designs, circumstances, and needs when it comes to energy systems. Fueltech wanted to develop a system that had flexible functionality, could be connected to all currently available energy sources, was easy to install, and was seen by end-users as stylish and uncomplicated.

“We wanted to create an attractive product for home owners. A product, unlike many existing systems, that would be stylish enough to be placed in a visible location in the home. To accomplish that, we felt we needed to work with professional industrial designers who have both breadth of knowledge and experience. We also wanted to engage a highly motivated partner,” says Stefan Jurén, Sales Manager at Fueltech and commissioner of the project.

Collaboration with Swedish Industrial Design Foundation

The project was carried out in cooperation with Expandera, a project run by the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation (SVID) in Malmö, southern Sweden. Expandera’s purpose is to assist companies in the southern Swedish regions of Skåne and Blekinge that want to focus more on industrial design. Expandera helps companies become more aware of how design can improve competitiveness, how they can integrate design methodology into their operations, and how to make contact with professional industrial designers.

“We chose to work with Oxyma Innovation. We felt right away that they were the right partner for us. They were responsive and accommodating, produced creative proposals, and worked very quickly and with great flexibility,” says Jurén.

Workshops to Help Better Understand Fitters, Installers, and Users

Oxyma’s assignment was to design the exterior of the unit so that it would give the desired impression and be easy to handle and use. Various concepts for the housing of the product were created through joint workshops and creative discussions and the best solutions were selected for further development.

“It was important that we kept each different kind of user in mind when producing the concepts, not just the end-user. In this case, it was just as important that we considered the fitter’s and installer’s points of view and wishes,” explains Axis Lundberg, Office Manager at Oxyma and project manager for the assignment.

Fueltech describes the product as “a unique concept for the future.” The product’s flexibility allows the buyer to fix their investment cost based on their current needs, without closing the door on future possibilities. A simple and easy-to-use display gives the user excellent control over their system, while the unique design gives a solid, uncomplicated impression. For the installer, the new product has many advantages, including a weight reduction of approximately 60 percent.

“More than that, the product performs 30–40 percent better than any other product on the market today, keeping more money in the user’s pocket,” Jurén concludes with a smile.