Oxyma Examines and Develops Nilar’s Unique Industrial Batteries


Nilar has developed a new type of industrial battery that uses nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) technology to give the battery a number of unique properties. Oxyma was entrusted with refining the design, industrializing the product, and laying the groundwork for commercial success.

  • Projektledare Jörgen Larsson
  • Avslutat 8/9/2012
  • Kund Nilar

Oxyma Examines and Develops Nilar’s Unique Industrial Batteries

Nilar’s new batteries generate more power and achieve a more even current flow through the battery, making them an excellent alternative for hybrid electric motor applications. The batteries can also be used as energy storage units and are able to harness a truck’s braking force when it starts moving again, for example. Nilar’s battery is also smaller and has a longer lifetime than other batteries on the market.

“We already had a product that had been manufactured in large volumes as a prototype. As the next step, we needed help to get it into serial production. We wanted to refine its mechanical design and enlist expert help with the industrial design component. That’s why we contacted Oxyma,” says Nilar’s co-founder, Lars Fredriksson.

“A Business-focused Approach—the Oxyma Way”

Jörgen Larsson, Senior Project Manager at Oxyma, explains how Oxyma tackled the project:

“We take a business-focused approach to product development, so we began by collecting information about the battery and the battery market by interviewing key staff members at Nilar, both sales managers and product managers, in the US and Sweden. During this phase, we quickly realized that supplementary testing of the battery was needed, and we designed test methods and test equipment to evaluate its mechanics and function. Next, we produced a strategic development plan that shows how the battery should be developed based on the changes we proposed.”

Once Oxyma’s plan was approved, the project moved on to the next phase. Now it was time to produce conceptual proposals for improved battery design and industrial design. Time was short, so Oxyma needed to work quickly and efficiently to keep pace with Nilar’s schedule for serial production.

Close Cooperation with the Customer and Suppliers

“To reduce the distance to our suppliers and keep lead times down, we endeavored to work with Sweden-based companies within rubber manufacturing and prototype manufacturing, for example. Doing so also gave us the advantage of direct and clear communication,” says Larsson. He also explains that, as part of the fast-moving green tech sector, the Nilar project has been both exciting and dynamic.

This was the first time that Nilar had ever worked with consultants on a development project, and Lars Fredriksson is generous in his praise when he summarizes Oxyma’s work, saying:

“Oxyma supported us by providing highly competent project management that ensured that our project progressed well and a really skillful industrial designer who even added new functionality to our battery. We’re very pleased with our collaboration and with the result.”