Oxyma Designs and Engineers Profoto’s Next-gen Flash Generator


When Profoto decided to replace their old ProCompact series with new, better, and less expensive flash generators, they sought out Oxyma’s help. The result was the new D1 product series: three different elegant and professional flash generator models with very high levels of precision and stability.


Oxyma Designs and Engineers Profoto’s Next-gen Flash Generator

“We felt that the old product was lacking in the performance department and wanted a more competitive product. Because this is a product segment that allows for large production volumes, we recognized that the project had potential if we could create a cost-effective solution,” says Bo Dalenius, Manager R&D Electronics & Mechanics at Profoto.

Oxyma’s role in the project included both the industrial and mechanical design of the new product range. For Oxyma, the challenge was to create a design language that gave the product a unique character while still communicating a clear relationship with other products in Profoto’s portfolio. What’s more, the new product range needed to be more user-friendly and easy to assemble.

“We maintained a very clear focus on cost throughout the project, which meant trying to cut costs in every aspect. Oxyma made the project cost-effective by using smart, creative solutions. They used things like plastic and cast components that made it possible to build multiple functions into each component,” continues Dalenius.

A Dynamic and Open Development Climate

To ensure an integrated development process and an effective project team, Oxyma’s consultants worked out of Profoto’s offices during the project period. Doing so created a dynamic, open environment where the team could quickly and easily discuss ideas and solutions.

“We chose Oxyma based on our experience of working with them on earlier projects. We believe them to be reliable and to possess good expertise across the board. We also appreciate the fact that Oxyma’s management is involved in the projects,” says Dalenius.

Oxyma’s work on the project resulted in a product line in which all three models share a common enclosure. The handle and tripod mount were integrated with the enclosure and, with the addition of clear controls and graphics, the end result was a sturdy and professional-looking flash generator. Special emphasis was placed on materials selection and the product’s components and finish to ensure it would give the impression of quality and also harmonize with Profoto’s design philosophy.

The project took about 18 months to complete and the lot size was initially 3,000-4,000 units per year.

“Our collaboration with Oxyma has been outstanding. I can definitely see myself working with them again,” Dalenius concludes.