Your new product comes from a business opportunity

We help improve the development projects of clients in diverse industries on a daily basis. The broad scope of our work means that the challenges we take on vary according to our clients’ needs and the complexity of our assignments. Often, we assume total responsibility for planning and implementing these projects, either under our own roof or at our clients’ premises under our own management.

Creating the right conditions for developing successful products is all about listening, and then listening some more. That’s because our clients are driven by both reason and emotion. Our job is to balance these two and to produce their product based on their overall approach and the actual business opportunity. Our responsive and cooperative attitude also means that the relationship between us, the product developers, and you, our client, becomes something more than just a regular client/supplier relationship.

A product development house with a full range of expertise

We put together a team of qualified staff from each discipline to handle your project. Our team can work out of your premises or ours, and is responsible for planning and managing your project in the best possible way, while you and your colleagues supply the knowledge needed about the market, your business, and your customers. Through our close interaction in workshops and meetings, together we create the right conditions for producing new, profitable products for your company. All strategically important decisions that need to be made during your project are made together with you and your colleagues. This approach ensures there won’t be any surprises at the end of your project, neither in relation to the product, nor the cost. Naturally, we also conduct steering group meetings and reconciliation on an on-going basis, giving you full insight into all your project’s deliverables and costs.

We assign you a dedicated contact at Oxyma, who is responsible for delivering your project and who is part of the project’s steering group. Your contact is responsible for making sure you are informed, satisfied, and feel you are in good hands throughout the entire project.


Project components

While every project is unique, in general, Oxyma projects include the following components. Your needs guide your project and you decide for yourself how much help you would like.

  • Product definition
  • Concept
  • Functional models
  • Mechanical design/Calculation
  • Prototype
  • Testing
  • Industrialization
  • Validation
  • Delivery
  • Product care