Expertise for the entire product development chain

Every successful product starts out as a half-baked idea or hazy vision of what the future could be.

The ability to make visions and dreams realities requires a unique combination of people who have the desire and the capacity to stretch the boundaries of what is considered possible today—inquisitive people who strive to achieve quality and change.  

People who want to challenge existing technology and standards. We call them “solutionists.”

Our competencies

Strategist – Pinpoints which product matches the business opportunity

Regardless of whether your aim is to develop a new product or optimize an existing one, our strategists will help you determine how it should be designed to match the business opportunity. Based on a given product concept and business opportunity, the strategist visualizes and describes your intended product from technical, business, and market perspectives. This approach makes your project’s and product’s objective crystal clear and gives you a clear, solid basis on which to make decisions going forward.

Project manager – Coordinator and motivator. Keeps your project on schedule and on budget

Our project managers have technical backgrounds and have worked either as mechanical design engineers or in managerial positions within product development. They also contribute many years of product development project experience, which they have further deepened through Oxyma’s business-focused product development work. Their strength is planning, implementing, and completing your process in the most efficient way possible based on the project’s circumstances and the individuals involved. 

Industrial designer – Identifies user needs and the best way to strengthen your brand

Our industrial designers make sure that your product is easy to use, easy to maintain, and has intuitive functions. They also ensure that your product’s design and identity strengthen your brand. Because our industrial designers work closely with mechanical design engineers, concepts and ideas become realizable from a manufacturing perspective right from the start. Our industrial designers have broad and extensive experience and can help you with things like concept designs, ergonomics, surface design, user studies, and more.

Mechanical design engineer – Realization and finishing

Our mechanical design engineers draw on experience and knowledge from a large number of different industries. Though they are constantly faced with new problems and challenges, their experience allows them to adapt quickly to new circumstances and evolving assignments. Their mission is to develop products that can be produced at the right production cost while maintaining functionality, based on the circumstances surrounding the specific business opportunity. Their collective experience has helped them acquire a broad knowledge base. In practical terms, this means they have a knowledge of design solutions that can be efficiently manufactured for plastics, sheet metal, castings, and machining, and of component selection for both large and small volumes. They can quickly repurpose solutions from other industries to suit new circumstances.

Mechanical design manager – Responsible for technical coordination

Our mechanical design managers contribute extensive cross-disciplinary knowledge and experience in product development. Their role is to manage our team of mechanical design engineers and assume responsibility for a project’s technical cohesion.

Electronics and software – Programming, component selection, and optimization

Our dedicated electronics and software developers have significant experience working with built-in systems, product-related programming for the majority of architectures, automatic control engineering, analog electronics, sensor technology, and RF technology. Thanks to their vast experience, they have also built up extensive knowledge of and a broad network within the telecom industry, defense sector, medical devices industry, and industrial applications. This knowledge is an important precondition for meeting your business goals in the development process.

We mobilize a handpicked team

Based on your circumstances and wishes concerning R&D, we mobilize a handpicked team with the complementary expertise you need. This team can assume responsibility for all or selected parts of the product development chain. They can work either at the micro level, or with overarching decisions related to design, materials selection, and manufacturing methods. Of course, Oxyma’s solutionists can also turn a blank slate, a rough idea, or an existing product into an innovative solution that will take your competitiveness and profitability to the next level.